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Creative talents are still expressed in the form of words.


We are into fiction and non-fiction, self-help books, encyclopedias, English Language Learning books, Talking Books and Religious Scriptures presented into Talking Books. Apart from our own titles published we also provide opportunities to others to publish with us.

  • Aadarsh is global licensor for Intellectual property Purple Turtle and Colour Fairies.

  • Aadarsh Publishers are first to bring talking Books concept in India.

  • Aadarsh Publications are a renowned brand in School Books publishing with NCERT guidelines.

  • The Talking Bhagwad Gita is the first of its kind of books in the world.

  • We are in process of publishing talking Tulsi's Ram Charit Manas.

Publish with us

At Aadarsh, we enable our clients to have the life altering experience of becoming a published author. We provide everything you need to become a Published Author. We believe every author comes up with unique expression and so we provide customized, comprehensive publishing service packages.

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Aadarsh Printing


Aadarsh Printing